Yes team! My name is Zak Mason and I’m a personal trainer from Bolton with four years of experience. Prior to this I served in the British Army for eight years in which I was involved in two tours of Afghanistan.

The whole reason I decided to leave the army and become a personal trainer was because I wanted to help people through fitness the way I was. The idea of being able to use my own personal experiences to aid others in their quest to reach their fitness goals, in turn improving their physical and mental wellbeing was one of the main reasons I set out on my journey as a PT.

During my first tour of Afghanistan, when I had time on my hands, I decided to try something new and get into training. I quickly found a big love for it and the impact it had on my mindset and outlook on life.

Not only that but since going through life’s experiences, training has always grounded me and given me a focus that has helped me get through the darkest of times.

As a personal trainer, I come across this with my clients on a weekly basis. It is a truly remarkable experience to help someone push through a time in their life that they once thought was impossible and give them an outlet to be happy!